The Collector is the true resident of the interior.
The Collector dreams their way not only into a distant or bygone world but also into a better one.

Walter Benjamin

Definitely kunst.

Fiona Knight

Making an exhibition of myself

At the moment, I am keeping things to a private show. Happy to chat!

What I do

I make drawings, photo collages, and works on paper and board. Exploring the surface and components of being human fuels my creativity. My works often reference to pop culture and history, working in layers whether it be meaning or media or techniques like fashion or medical illustration. I ponder and explore the components of beauty and communication.


Birmingham of Australia

Birmingham of Australia casts a twenty-first century lens across 1930s Footscray’s aspirations, where wealth and community were forged, in part, from black tyres on albeit stolen lands. The subsequent assessment and redevelopment of Olympic Tyres and Rubber Company point to how we constantly layer and rewrite our heroes and histories. Encaustic wax collage, 20.3cm x …


Rhytidectomy is the surgical term for a facelift. It is an encaustic monoprint augmented by acrylic inks. An encaustic monoprint is a single print where I placed a 30cm by 30cm khadi paper square on a hot palette. Then I responded to the print with acrylic inks.

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