The Collector is the true resident of the interior.
The Collector dreams their way not only into a distant or bygone world but also into a better one.

Walter Benjamin

Definitely kunst.

Fiona Knight

Making an exhibition of myself

Currently showing myself up and you can go to the start by clicking on this link.

What I do

I make drawings, photo collages, and works on paper and board. Exploring the surface and components of being human fuels my creativity. My works often reference to pop culture and history, working in layers whether it be meaning or media or techniques like fashion or medical illustration. I ponder and explore the components of beauty and communication.


Plumping Cochineal

Plumping Cochineal is a lipstick advertisement broken into its primal elements. The lipstick appears here as wax and cochineal shell. The black is the lipstick case. The text is the carved lines. An advertisement wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pout modelled by Linda Marie! My exploration of lips and makeup started in 2019. As …

Trophy Heads: Marilyn

Trophy Heads: Marilyn jumps from Marilyn Diptych (1962) by Andy Warhol and his preoccupation with celebrity beauty and consumption and mapping them as iconography. This ‘good idea at the time’ became a copyright issue where Warhol was sued not by Monroe or her estate but by the owner of “Niagara” film stills. Shown in Layers …

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