Rhytidectomy is the surgical term for a facelift.

It is an encaustic monoprint augmented by acrylic inks.

An encaustic monoprint is a single print where I placed a 30cm by 30cm khadi paper square on a hot palette. Then I responded to the print with acrylic inks.


Jasper Johns

A couple threads in life brought me to an encaustic wax practice. My boy, Jasper Johns, dazzled at his Royal Academy of Art retrospective, and two years later, a brilliant artist, Jane Millington, talk about the cold wax technique. This landed at a time where I was thinking about lipsticks.

Lipsticks are part wax.

Wax is so primal and ancient; my interest was piqued.

Around this time, I chanced upon a weekend workshop learning encaustic wax with Marieke Dench, who proved to be great on technique and a legend on being an artist.

Encaustic art works as fine art pieces

I use wax with damar resin which makes works sparkly and stable. I use printmaking papers and archival glues when I work off a paper base, and encaustic gesso from R&F Paints. When I use digital prints, I use digital papers and printing processes from Hound and Bone.

So yes, I take care and I don’t mess around with quality, long lasting works.

How to Store Encaustic and Pigment Stick® Artwork from R&F Paints is really useful.


Photo of my cat

The kitty and the Rococo artist, Jean Antoine Watteau.

Both are great loves and influences.

Both turned up around the same time in the first year of university.

Using watteau.org as my domain nourishes my art life by reminding me of beauty.