Jasper Johns

A couple threads in life brought me to an encaustic wax practice. My boy, Jasper Johns, dazzled at his Royal Academy of Art retrospective, and two years later, a brilliant artist, Jane Millington, talk about the cold wax technique. This landed at a time where I was thinking about lipsticks.

Lipsticks are part wax.

Wax is so primal and ancient; my interest was piqued.

Around this time, I chanced upon a weekend workshop learning encaustic wax with Marieke Dench, who proved to be great on technique and a legend on being an artist.

Encaustic art works as fine art pieces

I use wax with damar resin which makes works sparkly and stable. I use printmaking papers and archival glues when I work off a paper base, and encaustic gesso from R&F Paints. When I use digital prints, I use digital papers and printing processes from Hound and Bone.

So yes, I take care and I don’t mess around with quality, long lasting works.

How to Store Encaustic and Pigment Stick® Artwork from R&F Paints is really useful.